• Panties~ A variety of thongs that have been lovingly nuzzled between my cheeks.  Different materials and colours are available and come scented.  $50
  • Socks~ Athletic socks and thigh-high socks are available.  $35 athletic socks, $50 thigh highs.  Can be made to smell.
  • Hosiery~ A variety of types and colours available can be made to smell. $40
  • A week of foot shavings~ I love to pamper my feet.  I keep them baby-smooth. $40
  • Golden~ My champagne for your consumption in a cup.  $50
  • Caviar~ Extra nutrition for your personal enjoyment.  $200
  • Footwear~ Currently parting with a pair of well-worn flip-flops $75.  Super well-worn van sneakers very odorous $150.
  • Bag of Hair trimmings~ Small bag of hair trimmings and/or hair from my hairbrush $50

Looking for something special?  Feel free to inquire.  I might have a corset or two I'd be willing to let go of for the right offer or other additional services to add to the listed items.

All items are created just for you upon ordering. Payment is required beforehand.  Vacuum sealed for freshness if applicable for mailing.

Hand-delivered locally for a $50 meet-up fee.

Postage not included in the price.