🩷  I can give nothing but the highest praise and recommendation for Mistress Mafia Princess and her services.

I'm sure she can tailor to suit individual clients, but I found her intelligent, innovative, creative, clever, witty, fun, and intoxicatingly powerful. 

Her rope work was intricate and unrelenting, like the best kind of hug. I quite enjoyed impact play with hand, crop, and flogger.

She is called the "Queen of Tease" and I can testify to why! I was fortunate enough to experience a tease and denial hj from her. She took me to the edge several times and left me begging for release each time. It is a most exquisite form of torture. By the end I would have confessed to anything, divulged any secret, or promised anything to have a release. It was like my brain was melting and I was ready to climb the walls! Eventually earning release, I must say it was the best orgasm I have experienced in many, MANY years. The image of her satisfied, semi-smug smirk is etched in psych and will haunt my dreams/nightmares for years to come. 

I cannot wait to have another session with Mistress Mafia Princess, and I strongly encourage you to experience play with her. "

          ~Mistress Mafia Princess's Pet "Becky"

🩷 You outdid yourself yet again. The finale in the maxcita was awesome. Restrictive yet comfortable bondage. Next time we can do the entire session in that!! Could easily take 4 or 6 hours of that.
~sub D

🩷 You are so sweet, thank you! I was dreaming about you last night even now I was thinking about you see the chemistry and connection I think I will come back to you very soon. Love you always mistress.
🩷 Playtime.. was nothing short of "spectacular"...  You were such fun to be with and are very talented.  Love your personality.  The dynamic and energy was such a nice and exciting change from the "norm".  You have a very outgoing, compassionate, playful personality and in my experience, that is not easy to find.

🩷 Hi! I am still reveling in our last session and drooling. 🙂 Thank you. Wish I could remember it exactly as it was unfolding.


If you have had a session with me and would like to email me something to share here. I'd be honoured to.