$250 an hour.  $200 for each following hour booked.

Looking for accompaniment to a Fetish Party?  I love to go to parties.  My party package is $600 for 4 hours at a party, with at least an hour of active play.  Yes, I pack toys tailored to you. 💞 Want to get to know me better?  Social dates can be arranged before a session, after a session, a stand-alone dinner date, or a shopping trip.  Social rates are $100 per hour.  Any fees incurred during our social time are covered by the client.

🩷The only half-hour sessions offered are for foot worship only.  $175/hh.
🩷 Forced Bi*~ $500/h
🩷 Sensory deprivation and ignoring~ Bound and gagged while I discretely keep an eye on you with no contact.  Alone with your thoughts, immobile and helpless $150/h
🩷 Full toilet play*~ $1000/h

For new clients; a $100 CAD non-refundable deposit is required at the time of booking.

Not local or not ready to play in person yet?  I offer a selection of other options.

🩷 Text-based sessions~ Over WhatsApp or Skype $75/hh.
🩷 Video session~ $125/hh.  $90 to extend for further hh blocks of time.
🩷 Phone session~ $100/hh.  $75 to extend for further hh blocks of time.

Consultations are 30 minutes in length.  In-person consults are $100.  Skype consults are $60.  Text consults are available for $50.  A consult is not required before a session.  If you have complex wants or are uncertain what you might like a consult would be ideal.

Extended sessions are available.  5+ daytime hours will require time for a meal provided by the client.

Overnight Sessions are 12 hours in length.  They start between 8 and 10 pm and end 12 hours later. This includes at least 8 hours of play.  Your downtime with be spent in heavy bondage or a cage. Tribute for an overnight is $1500*.